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Why is the Cypriot Government so anti ID cards for expats?

With the news that the Spanish Government is now expected to reintroduce ID card for expats sometime in 2014 it begs the question "Why is the Cypriot Government so anti ID cards for expats?".
The Spanish initiative is being spearheaded by a group within the Balearic Islands who conducted representations to the EU, as well as to Members of Parliament in Madrid. The matter is currently in the hands of the Head of Police and the Secretary of State who are analyzing the issue. Nevertheless, it certainly seems that the issue is in Progress, although a formal announcement is still pending.

ID cards translates to potential money for the cash-strapped Cypriot Government, so why are the foreign residents of Cyprus stuck with A4 yellow slips? 

At we would  like to call for optional ID cards available for all residents, s they are so useful when traveling, banking and for general convenient ID. 

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