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Body found in flaming car in Xylofagou

The SBA police is continuing investigations into the identity of a human body found in a car engulfed in flames in Xylofagou.

As reported by the CyBC, the authorities were alerted about the car soon after 10pm on Saturday and rushed to the scene, a highway exit to Xylofagou.

CyBC reported its sources as saying the body is believed to belong to a man and that the fire was set maliciously.

The car is registered in the name of a 69 year-old woman from a nearby community but at least three other people are also known to regularly use the car, the national broadcaster said.

Source: in-cyprus

Development spending in Oroklini

Eight to ten million euro is to be spent on building new breakwaters in Oroklini and Larnaca.

The funds will see the creation of seven new breakwaters in Oroklini and five in Larnaca, They will be created after the completion of petrol drilling installations.

The breakwaters were among a series of issued discussed on Monday at a meeting between communications minister Andreas Demetriades and Larnaca mayor Andreas Louroutziatis. The Larnaca municipality will contribute €2.35m to their creation.

Demetriades specified that the breakwaters in Oroklini were partly funded by the European Union while those in Larnaca were not.

Responding to a question as to how the municipalities would be able to partly fund such costs while they suffer serious economic problems, Demetriades said “these matters have been discussed and we will see how we will deal with them. With good will everything can be solved.”

Louroutziatis said the meeting helped find “practical solutions and put in deadlines and actions that need to happen for various topics, some of which are old and it is now time to start looking for their solutions.”

As regards a new hospital wing in Larnaca, he added that the ministry had made concerted efforts to restart the project. “We hope it will go ahead but many times problems are created that involve not only the ministry but companies that take up the projects,” as a consequence of the economic crisis.

A further €400,000 was being added to the government budget for sustainable mobility “as Larnaca is aware that in order to receive funding from European funding they need to have the necessary studies.”

The two men also discussed a Larnaca fishing harbour, off Tasos Mitsopoulos Avenue for which the government has added €150,000 to the budget for the offshore works while Larnaca municipality would, through the EU Fisheries programme, tackle onshore works.

Demetriades stressed that in order to do so, both parties should collaborate effectively sharing the information from the two studies.

Source: Cyprus Mail

Experience Cyprus: Do you know this place?

On my trip to Troodos I have discovered this unique and beautiful old church, that is build inside the hill. It is really worth going there and having a look inside. Father Charalambous would be happy to tell you more about the history of this church, he has already finished a book about it.

It is the Cave Monastery of the Blessed Virgin in the village of Chrysospiliotissa Deftera, not far away from Nicosia.

Five year sentence for cannabis

A 43-year-old man from England, Shawn White, was sentenced to five years in prison on Wednesday for the cultivation of cannabis and its supply to others.

White was linked to the discovery of 33 cannabis plants found in a house in Oroklini last April during a search.

According to reports, the house was turned into a cannabis nursery with professional irrigation and ventilation systems installed and with special lighting.
Another man, Αndrew Nicolaides, found in the house during the search, was sentenced last year to four years in prison.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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