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Cemetery tax row erupts in Oroklini


A man from Oroklini village in Larnaca says he will sue the Cyprus government at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) over it’s decision to tax him for maintaining his own family burial plot.

Andreas Gregoriades has so far taken the matter to the Supreme Court in Nicosia but has stated that he will pursue this matter all the way to Strasbourg if need be.

Gregoriades who claims to have a cemetery plot in Larnaca which he maintains, has been refusing since 2010 to pay the €96 annual levy which the Oroklini Council demands from residents stating that he does not need a second cemetery plot.

The outcome of the case at the high court will determine if residents who already own a cemetery plot will be exempt from the levy, which in turn will result in thousands of people demanding to be exempted from the said levy.

This probable scenario will see local councils facing a dilemma, as on the one hand they spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of Euro in the construction of cemeteries and will not have the necessary funds to cover loans that were required to build them.

Gregoriades has already appeared before the courts, but the case was dismissed on a technicality as the judge ruled that based on the charge sheet, there were no indications of criminal wrong doing.

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This deadly topic will just not go away for the Oroklini Council, after all they say if you do bad things, bad things happen! 

Russian tourist found dead on Oroklini beach

A 58 year-old Russian tourist was found dead on tye last day of August on Oroklini beach.

According to the police, a call was received at around 1:30pm at the Oroklini Police Station that a man was pulled out of the water unconscious at a beach. His body had no sign of external injuries.

The man was then taken to the emergency room of the Larnaca General Hospital where the doctors on duty confirmed his death.

The 58 year-old tourist from Russia had come to Cyprus alone on holiday, and resided in a hotel at the Oroklini beachfront. The tourist agency that arranged the man’s holiday to Cyprus has taken the responsibility of informing his family of his death.
Source: In Cyprus

Oroklini attacker’s sentence hearing moved - not something for the village to be proud of!

Oroklini attacker’s sentence hearing moved to August 24
A 35-year-old man who pleaded guilty to the stabbing of three people in a Larnaca club and setting fire to a pub in Oroklini had his sentence hearing moved to August 24. Larnaca district court found the man guilty of causing actual bodily harm, carrying a knife, malicious damage and arson, crimes all committed in the early hours of July 26.

Police were called to a night club in Larnaca on the night in question, following reports of three people having been injured. On arriving at the scene, it transpired the man had pulled a knife on the owner of the club and two others, and stabbed them. A foldable knife was found on the premises and taken as evidence.

Later at around 3.40am, a fire was set maliciously at a pub in Oroklini causing damage to the front of the premises. Eyewitness saw the man’s van leaving the scene. He had been thrown out of the establishment earlier after causing problems.

A little later police received a report he had returned to the club and deliberately and illegally rammed his van into the window of the place. Larnaca CID went back to the scene and discovered the vehicle on the pavement. The man then made his way on foot to the police station, handed himself in, made a voluntary statement originally only admitting to the offences of arson and malicious damage. He was ordered to be held at Nicosia Central Prisons until sentencing.

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I thought only nice people lived in Oroklini!

Turkish Cypriot fined €9,000 for cigarette smuggling

A Turkish Cypriot man has been fined €9,000 after he was stopped by customs on Tuesday night bringing 170 cartons of cigarettes from the north to the government controlled areas.

According to police, his car was stopped on the Pyla–Dhekelia road at about 8pm and the cartons were discovered. The man was taken to Oroklini police station.

When the cartons were counted, he was fined €9,000. He was held in custody until arrangements were made to pay the money.

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