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Be prepared on power cuts on Friday 27th March

Don’t go overboard with your electricity needs on Friday, as a three hour work stoppage by Electricity Authority employees will mean reductions in power service from 7am.

The cuts are expected to coincide with the ringing of the first school bell and work rush hour right up to 10am, when businesses are in full swing.

The power provision cuts could not be prevented, as personnel from the electricity production units are also taking part in the strike.

Friday’s three hour stoppage is a warning shot to the government by the EAC’s four unions over the Authority’s privatisation plans in the next two years as part of the islands’ bailout. As of Monday, employees will be holding three hour stoppages every day between seven and ten.

As part of the strike action, personnel working in the power connections and reconnections department will not be cutting off electricity to consumers who are long overdue in settling their bills.

That’s good news for those who can’t pay though, not so good news for the authority and the government. This is an escalation of strike action by EAC employees who walked off the job for an hour on Monday.

Source: in-cyprus

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Birdlife Cyprus hopes to launch an campaign against illegal trapping

Birdlife Cyprus hopes to launch an awareness raising campaign against illegal trapping with donations it will receive from the birdwatching race Champions of the Flyway, which will take place in Eilat, Israel on March 25, in a show of support to the Cypriot organisation.

The selection of BirdLife Cyprus as the recipient is based the fact that the same migratory birds which transverse Cyprus, go on to Israel in the Autumn and the situation is reversed in the Spring.

Illegal trapping is a serious and persistent problem in Cyprus. The last report by BirdLife Cyprus on the illegal trapping of birds in autumn 2014 showed a dramatic situation with a death estimate of over two million birds. Illegal trappers aim to trap blackcaps, but due to the non-selective nature of the methods used, 152 species are affected, of which 78 are threatened.

The aim of the awareness campaign, inspired by the 152 species affected by trapping, of which 78 are threatened, is for the public to recognise that many of these birds are part of everyday life. Such examples are, among others, the barn swallow, collared dove, common swift, barn owl, bee-eater, white wagtail, as well as endemic species Cyprus wheatear, Cyprus warbler and Cyprus owl, which is an endemic subspecies.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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