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Commuters to Larnaca be aware!

Larnaca road works 13/01/2014 until 17/01/2014

The Larnaca road works service would like to inform the public that between the 13th and 17th  January 2014 road improvements will be undertaken at the following areas:

  • Digging repairs with asphalt at Apelli and Eolou Street.
  • Maintainance and culvert cleaning at Onisilou Street, Arch. Kyprianou Street, Apolloniou and Kitieos Street.
  • Creation of walk way Create Arch Kyprianou Avenue,  Ayios Neophytos one way street, Euphrosyne Tarsi Street, Arta Street and Grivas Digheni Avenue

We are not associated with The Oroklini News Magazine!

Oroklini News Info would like to inform all readers that our informative Blog has absolutely nothing to do with The Oroklini News mini Magazine, which until recently was circulated within the area! 

It's important to transparently add that we did discuss collaboration with The Oroklini News in the past, however respectfully chose not to cooperate, as we felt that the Magazine lacked real local news and mainly featured advertising. Moreover, distribution of a physical magazine does not meet our environment values. Nevertheless, we were sure that the Magazine had the best intentions. 

Oroklini News Info is a simple Blog resource, which enjoys surprisingly high traffic on the web considering it's aimed at the international community of a village in Cyprus. We are always in the top 3 websites for the word "Oroklini" in Google search battling it out with Wikipedia and the Oroklini Life Project. 

Complaints about The Oroklini News Magazine were recently voiced on Facebook which caught our attention. Some business owners claim that they paid for advertising which never made print. 

We call on the owners of The Oroklini News Magazine to clarify the situation. Perhaps the mini booklet is still alive and it's all been a misunderstanding over the holiday season. 

In order to show our support to all those that previously advertised with the Magazine we offer a 50% discount on all of our advertising on our site. For more information go to Advertising Prices (discount not shown) .

Celebrating 8 years of running the highly popular Lithos Bar & Grill

The dynamic duo Miltos and George are celebrating 8 years of running the highly popular Lithos Bar & Grill in Oroklini.

The evening will feature Rock & Roll Live Music and a Free Buffet.

When: Wednesday 28th of May.

Larnaca Bus Timetables and Route

A list of all buses in Larnaca including night buses, rural buses and intercity buses to and from Larnaca. Buses from Larnaca airport to Larnaca, Larnaca airport to Limassol, Larnaca airport to Nicosia and Larnaca airport to other destinations in Cyprus are also available. Information provided for each Larnaca bus route includes bus timetables and bus route maps. Zinonas operates the public transport service in Larnaca.

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