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It's the end of July and Flamingo's are still around!

It's a pleasant site to see the Oroklini Lake and Wetlands area full of water at the end of July. The Larnaca Lake has all but dried up, however thanks to the proactive Oroklini Life project, major improvements have been made to the Wetlands including fencing, the installation of birdwatching towers and effective water management.

One positive consequence of this project, is that the Flamingo's have so far decided to stay and who knows they may permanently join the Expat community of Oroklini. Normally we would  expect to see the Flamingo's fly away in April, however for the first time in recent history they are still gracing us with their presence during the onset of summer.

The Larnaca Lake does not have a single Flamingo right now, so it's Oroklini that could fast become a Birdwatching paradise for viewing Flamingo's, rare species of Duck and other attractive birds frequenting our Wetlands.

2 new beaches set to open at the former Soverign base area in Ormidia and Pyla


We received news that the communities of Ormidia and Pyla will now operate 2 newly organized beaches this July 2014.

The 2 areas in question were previously closed off following a long existing agreement with the Sovereign Base Areas, allowing for the development of land.

The Ormidia community will operate its first organized beach, named Armenou, on the 10th of July 2014, while Pyla will operate the Savvopoulos’ beach earlier in July.

Armenou’s beach facilities will include an outdoor Cafe, 63 umbrellas, 126 sun beds, a lifeguard, ramp, shower, toilets, beach volley courts and other sports fields, green spaces, night lighting and other facilities.

Savvopoulos’ beach facilities will include a kiosk, toilets, changing rooms, parking, 40 umbrellas and 80 sun beds.

By 2015 there are plans for Pyla to operate yet another beach. This demonstrates that greater focus on Tourism and summer beach facilities is now being addressed to our local area.

A few tips for Landlords who want to rent their properties

The decision to rent your property or not depends on if you get a good tenant. How do we know who is a good tenant and who is not? Well it is very difficult to differentiate as most people look good.
It has become apparent recently that a lot of tenants take advantage of a situation, you’ve all heard of the horror stories of rentals going wrong, of tenants not paying their rent on time, unpaid utility bills, breaking contracts without notification, damage to property, unauthorized pets, causing disturbance to the neighbors, the list is endless. What with the Cyprus law as it stands at the moment you could find yourself with expensive legal costs which could drag on for years. How to avoid these types of problems, here are a few suggestions and guidelines to follow if you are going to rent your property without the help of a registered and experienced estate agency.
Find out as much as possible about the potential tenants, where they work, their friends or associates, where they are from, why they are here in Cyprus, where they rented before, and why they want to rent again, the more information you have about them the better, it is not rude or wrong to ask questions, you are after all entrusting your property to them. For further security it is advisable to ask them to provide at least one personal guarantor, or a bank reference, and if they are in employment to get a reference from their employer. If they were in previous rented accommodation then ask for a reference from their previous landlord. It is also advisable to ask them to give more than two months rent in advance. If they are willing to do any of the above then you know they are serious tenants, and not the kind who will cause you problems. It is however always best to use an established estate agency who has been in the rental business for years and who have the experience to help you find the right tenant.
Written by Maggie Rigas

Palourtis Real Estates
Forest Beach Gardens, Pyla

The Dhekelia road; what is Oroklini going to do about it?

As a constant commuter using the Larnaca to Dhekelia road for many years, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated that nothing has changed in years to improve the road conditions concerning most of the sections of the road. The deal was by the understanding of a simple blogger, for each respective municipality along the road to pull its own weight.

As pointed out before some areas of the road are better than others. The coastal road starts of the Larnaca port roundabout and travels through 3 other municipality jurisdictions until it ends up at Dhekelia. The city of Larnaca has done a good job, it improved the asphalt road, put a big ship shaped fountain to signify the port and landscaped the surrounding area. As you travel down the road however one can still see the unsightly HUGE OIL reservoirs that we have been hearing they are going to move, but nothing has been done with yet.

Arriving at the Livadia roundabout the road conditions are still good but landscaping, maintenance and basic road cleaning is absent. Further down the road in Oroklini area the asphalt changes dramatically to a puddled, patchy and old piece of road. Driving for so many years down that road even made me develop a habitual routine to avoid the huge bumps in the road. Sidewalks disappear and so do simple walking paths for pedestrians, so everyone is actually walking on dirt! The road continues on like that until Dhekelia with some parts of the road of course better than others.

Not only cars and commuters are suffering from this neglect. Big and small local Businesses are the main victims of this situation, being forced to shut down or become old and aged-down. People just stopped seeing a future in the once booming coastal avenue that featured huge hotels and nice organized beaches.

It is just a disappointment to see that such a scenic route is left unexploited, with municipalities ignoring its value and letting decay and huge oil reservoirs corrupting the experience. Where as in another part of the city “McKenzie Beach” development took a dramatic turn with renovations and now is one of the busiest summer spots in the whole of Cyprus. In Limassol the city and area municipalities invested and created an attractive coastal (Tourist) road with many Businesses profiting.

Something needs to be done to address the matter. People need to start worrying why nothing is happening to improve the area. The economic crisis cannot be an excuse, because even in the boom Dhekalia started to decay!

Christos Papakyriacou

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